Hospital BioMedical Equipment

Hospital Bio-Medical Equipment Planning

TIME Consultants are experts in the field of medical equipment planning. Medical equipment constitutes approximately 25% to 30% of the hospital CapEx. This shows the importance of selecting the right machines with the right specifications in the right quantities at the right time from the right vendors with the right financing and with the right contract to protect your huge investment for years to come.

We have seen many projects that have spent a lot more money than needed on medical equipment, yet they did not have the right "mix" of machines so several medical areas were not well equipped as others. Some other projects had machines that had fewer specifications than needed and other machines that had a lot more options than needed. All this translates into wasted money and time.

TIME consultants have the experience to plan the medical equipment in a hospital so that they synergize each other. Much like a well written and well-orchestrated symphony, where each all the machines complement each other and work in synergy. This becomes evident when we need to interface the machines to the hospital information system HIS. If the selection was not thorough and detailed enough, the purchased machines may not be interface-able to the HIS or additional cost may be incurred to make then able to interface with the HIS.

We at TIME consultants have experts with Master and Ph.D. degrees in biomedical engineering and with a long track record in hospital design and management as well as biomedical engineering and clinical engineering department management to ensure that errors and mistakes are minimized while efficiency and reliability are at their best. With us as you partners and by your side, you are assured of the best medical equipment planning and the best selection of medical devices at the best prices, quantities and management.

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