Hospital Design Guidelines

Hospital Design Guidelines

According to the hospital construction industry, medical facilities and hospitals are one of the most complicated establishments to design and construct. Medical facilities need specialized codes and regulations for electrical systems and mechanical systems and other functional units. You may hire the services of TIME consultant to design and plan how a medical facility or hospital can be constructed. They are the right team who will design the structure of your medical facility by following the international hospital design guidelines including the JCI. They will also give you a clear and detailed idea about how your medical facility will look like and function once the project is completed.

The medical equipments that are mainly found in healthcare facilities and hospitals include surgical equipments, diagnostic machines, laboratory analyzers, medical imaging, computers etc. So, when a hospital or medical facility is constructed you need to design appropriate areas in the facility to support the different medical apparatuses and equipments and make sure they have the correct utilites and infrastructure for those medical machines.

Hospitals and medical facilities are actually designed as per their purpose. The purposes of a medical facility may include teaching practices, treatment, research, diagnostic centers and outpatient and inpatient services. They could be private hospitals, governmental hospitals, teaching hospital, general hospital or tertiary hospitals, etc. A successful hospital is the one that is to cater the specific needs of the patients, visitors, staff, support and service departments, volunteers and administration.

Besides, the hospital buildings and medical facilities should include transportation and logistics system in the design. The design should include unrestricted flow of the people, open communications, fast removal of waste materials. The building design should take enough care for infection control, sanitation, cleanliness and flexibility. These attributes offer therapeutic environment to the visitors, patients and working staff. TIME consultants is equipped with the team of experts, who have thorough experience gained deep understanding and working knowledge about the regulatory requirements and international standards and rules including local, federal and state regulations and accreditation. The regulations are followed by the founders of our company right from inception. By considering the standards and regulations they design the establishment and ensure that the equipments and systems are well functioning in synergy.

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