Hospital Design

Hospital Design

  • Project Concept Design

    We start working with you from the very beginning, when all you have is an idea. We help you to develop it into a mature concept. Based on the land size you have and the market scenario, we develop the concept with you to maximize the benefit for you and for the society. For example what type of hospital, what specialties to have, how many beds, etc. We then go deeper into deciding the location and size of the different departments keeping in mind their functional relationship to each other as well as the flow of the staff, patients, visitors and resources. By the end of this process you will see how hour building looks from the outside and each floor' s block diagram showing the departments in each floor.

    Building design

    We now start the detailed architecture, civil and electromechanical design. In this phase we produce the complete drawings and plans with full details of the building. These are the drawings that the contractor will use to construct the building. The intricate details that are unique to hospitals are taken into consideration. Special services like medical gas, HVAC requirements for different areas, etc. are designed. JCIA and other international standards requirements are integrated into the design.

    We are experts and leaders in the area of green buildings having certified LEEDs professionals as members of our teams.

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