Hospital Interior Design

Hospital Interior Design

Gone are the days when visitors need to wait in boringstark in boring hospital corridors and waiting areas. Modern-day concepts have changed the interior spaces of a healthcare facility or hospital completely to enhance their function and comfort creating an ambiance where visitors and patients can feel more relaxed. The use of television sets and reclining chairs in specially selected areas, for example, is one of these tools. Amalgamation of colors used in the sterile spaces has made the medical facilities more attractive than ever before and also helps the hospitals to become less foreboding. This does not mean, however, that the white walls from hospital have disappeared completely. With creativity and state-of-the-art craftsmanship of our experts the white color is used in hospital establishments in several textures and forms available. White colors are used along with high pressure laminates and bio-plastics and sustainable flooring. They look contemporary and it is easy to clean as well.

Visitors and patients experience stress and anxiety equally when they enter medical facility or hospital. So, we at TIME try our level best to create a calming ambiance that is functional for both the medical professionals and patients. If a patient has the feeling of anxiety and confusion while entering the hospital, then it may impede the recovery process. So, we put all possible effort to make the environment calming, stress-free, unthreatening and comfortable for the patients. Our moto in this reagard is "Healing by design".

Our team of interior designers understand the need of a hospital establishment and address all these abovementioned issues by incorporating culturally important concepts and familiar materials in the interior spaces of the hospitals and using varied and cheerful textures, sufficient natural light and including views of the outdoors. It is quite crucial to include way-finding signage in the hospital interior design so as to eradicate the chance of getting lost in huge healthcare facility.

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