Hospital Technology

Hospital Technology

Modern hospitals rely heavily on technology. In this section we concentrate on the non-medical systems. We divide them into the following categories:

Information Technology

The trend worldwide is to have paperless hospitals, so the patient medical records become Electronic Medical Records. For this to happen the complete process from the moment the patient enters the hospital till he/she leaves has to be computerized. We help you design the hardware infrastructure starting from the local area network, the active components, the wireless network, the IT department, etc. then we work with you to select the best Hospital Information System (HIS) suitable for your hospital size and required functionalities. Accordingly the number and types of the servers will be selected. The Lab Information System (LIS) and the Pharmacy Information System are also selected and integrated with the HIS. All the TIME the requirements for JCIA Management of Information (MOI) chapter are being fulfilled.

The Financial System, the Human Resources System and the Supply Chain Systems are also selected to fulfill the specific hospital requirements and integrate with the HIS system.

The other general IT systems like web servers, email, virus and anti-spam and intrusion protection systems are designed to make full use of the latest technologies and applying the DMZ to ensure fast access to data while protecting patient confidentiality and hospital data.

We pride ourselves in being pioneers in the field of smart buildings. We design and select our systems to comply with the "unified cabling" concept and make use of IP technology to the fullest. What you gain is not only big financial savings, but moreover having a smart building where most systems communicate with each other thus making monitoring and control much easier and more centralized. This also frees you from the control of one particular vendor since any IP enabled system can be used and most probably interchanged quite easily.

Audio Visual Systems: these include:

Video and TV systems in waiting areas,

CCTV, public address system,

Conference rooms and operating theater equipment.

We make sure you get the best system for your needs such as internet connectivity for remote video conferencing, etc.

Low-Current Systems: these include systems like:

Nurse call system,

Asset tracking system,

Security system,

Child abduction prevention system,

Access control,


Fire alarm and fire fighting systems.

Where allowed by law and by code, we strive to make all our systems smart and IP based to enable flexibility and more control while saving cost and increasing the l useful life of the systems

Communications Systems:

Communication systems in hospitals have their own demands, requirements and flavors. Reliability and simplicity are very important. There is a need to mix between:

Wired stationary telephones,

Mobile communications like pagers, hand-held wireless hospital phones,

Video communications and conferencing

Text messaging and emails

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