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  • It is well known that most patients can be discharged from a hospital in 3-7 days (except major surgery and injuries). However, many patients occupy hospital beds for months and someTIMEs years although they may not need the level of care provided by a full-fledged hospital. Long stay patients have resulted in exhausting the limited number of hospital beds and other hospital resources which results in costing the government money, manpower and beds. Hence, Long stay – Chronic Care Facility are in high demand to free these beds while at the same TIME providing the right level of medical, care for this class of patients.

    Chronic Care Facility can provide care to patients that require long hospital stay with minimum medical care, which can be a great solution for hospitals with over booked beds such as MOH, Military and National Guard hospitals.

    The few existing facilities that started in Saudi Arabia are doing very well and have yearly contracts with the government. Our experts at TIME were part of the team that helped in the design, setup and operations of the first Chronic Care facility in KSA. Moreover, a member of our team was part of the MOH committee that set the rules and regulations for such facilities.

    Our experience with MOH and Civil Defence requirement will help you to obtain yourpermit in the shortest TIME by fulfilling all of the requirements. Ahead of TIME

    Long term facilities have unique requirements different from hospitals and polyclinics. This apply not only to the building design but also to the medical equipment, staffing, operating policies and procedures, all of which fall under our area of expertise.

    Estimate Numbers

    Initial cost estimate is 500,000 SAR/Bed (Not including land costs)

    Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is around 20%,

    MOH has contracts with similar facility at rates of 3500-7500 SAR/bed/Day depending on the patient health evaluation

    Ministry of Finance provide loans to hospitals if conditions are met (please contact us for more details)

    Depending on the project size:

    Design will take between 8 – 12 Months

    Construction will take between 12-18 Months

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